The summer is slowing down and you’ve synced and backed up all of your great memories with GoodSync. However, we still have around a month before the bright summer weather is over, so it’s time to advantage of this last stretch. A great idea to cap off your summer is a road trip- they’re flexible with your schedule, you can choose where to go and where to stop, plus it allows you to spend time with your family or friends.  Roadtripping is much different now than it has been in the past, so we’ve compiled a list of great apps for preparing and taking that last road trip of the summer!

Road Trip Apps

Pandora – Free – All Major Platforms

Most of us have used Pandora at home and this app is just as great. Just pick a couple of favorite albums, artists, or songs and Pandora will create a personalized radio station accordingly. There’s no more need to create long playlists and exclude your road trip’s group interests because it’s all on one device. It will also introduce new artists along the way that fit your interests. Here’s a GoodSync tip: If you just fall in love with a new artist, take a snapshot of the song playing and sync the photo to your home computer with GoodSync.

State Bingo and Road Trip US – $2.99 – iOS

Here’s a great app for entertaining the kids, but adults find it fun too! These are two fun road trip themed games about geography with a little bit of history. In state bingo, there’s a 4×4 board of states and questions about them such as “My neighbors are Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, who am I?” Did you guys get that one? It’s Virginia! 4 in a row correct is a win just like normal bingo. In Road Trip US, kids can pick a trail and go through a map and answer trivia questions about the state the animated car is driving through. This can be a fun group activity and you can test your geography knowledge.

Roadtrippers – Free – iOS

This app is the best way to plan a fantastic road trip. You put in your beginning and end points and how far away from the route you want to do activities, then the app does the rest for you. It calculates your fuel cost, travel time, and fun activities that are close by. You can go to historic railroads, entertainment hubs, scenic driving routes and so much more all along your route. You can also plan your entire trip on their website and then sync it to your iPhone – a feature we love at GoodSync.

GoodSync – Free – iOS and Android

Now some may ask why would you need a synchronization app for a road trip. That’s easy: pre-road trip you can type up plans and share them with your trip group’s computers and devices so they are prepared. You can also have a backup for all the great photos you take along the way. There’s no long upload time to your computer when you get home, the memories will all be waiting for you! For more information about the GoodSync app click your platform: iOS // Android
Get creative with your trip and have a great end of summer, from your friends at GoodSync!

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