Transferring data halfway around the world is a difficult and slow process; often the fastest solution would be to physically board a plane with the data and hand deliver it to the end destination. Speed is not the only issue when considering long-distance data transfers—there is also the trouble of initial configuration. There are tools, however, that can significantly improve both speed and simplicity when it comes to the initial configuration; GoodSync Connect is one of those tools.

GoodSync Connect is one of the many supported protocols that can be used within the GoodSync application. It allows devices that typically wouldn’t be able to directly communicate with one another to overcome that communication barrier. By using a  mediator server to create a peer-to-peer connection between the two endpoints, GoodSync Connect improves speed while simultaneously providing several innovative features to its users.

GoodSync requires no port forwarding during initial setup and all devices that are registered to a GoodSync Connect account can be accessed from any location. An interesting application of this capability is the ability to turn a file server into an easily accessible storage system, effectively creating a private cloud.

GoodSync can also perform what is called “block level copy.” Any time a change is made to a file and that change must propagate to another device, only the change and not the full file must be transferred. For example, if there is a one-gigabit file and a single line of text is changed in that file, typically the entire file would need to be transferred. With block level copy, however, only that one changed line requires transfer, subsequently saving time and network resources. Additionally, when taking advantage of GoodSync Connect’s higher transfer speeds, without having to communicate with the mediator server, direct addressing can be used.

A higher degree of security is another added benefit of GoodSync Connect, as data is transferred over SSL/TLS. Additionally, GoodSync can utilize two-factor authentication with a GoodSync Connect account. This ensures that no one other than the intended individual can access the devices registered to the account; there are few other transfer protocols that have such capabilities.

Finally, the management of registered devices is easy and possible from the GoodSync website. From the administrative console, file shares can be created and unused devices can be removed.  

GoodSync Connect is a useful tool for a multitude of situations, long-distance transfers being just one of them. Try it for yourself and see how it can save you or your business time today!

Configuration of GoodSync Connect is free and easy. For more information, click here.

Posted by Kaitlin Couillard

Social Media Marketing Manager