We’re pleased to announce the release of a GoodSync app for Asustor NAS users.

What is GoodSync?

With GoodSync app installed on your Asustor NAS device, the NAS owners can easily synchronize or backup the data stored on their computers to their Asustor NAS device and from their Asustor NAS device further to other computers, servers, cloud storage, or other local and remote data repositories. This can be done while the Asustor NAS device is attached to the user’s computer, local network, or even when the Asustor NAS device is in a remote location.

Main use case scenarios:

  • Synchronize data between Windows / Mac computers and a Asustor NAS device, between two Asustor NAS devices, or between a Asustor NAS device and your preferred cloud storage provider.
  • Backup data from your Windows / Mac computer to your Asustor NAS device and from your Asustor NAS device to a remote location such as other computers, servers, other Asustor devices, or cloud storage.
  • Once you install GoodSync on all your devices and register it with your GoodSync account, you can remotely access your data stored on any of the devices including the Asustor NAS device using GoodSync Explorer.

How to start:

  1. Download and install GoodSync on your Windows and Mac computers from here and create your GoodSync account during installation.
  2. Install GoodSync App on your Asustor NAS device and register it with your GoodSync account. This help center article details the GoodSync App installation steps.
  3. Start creating your automated backup and synchronization jobs.

Other benefits:

  • Auto detection of Asustor NAS devices on your local network with GoodSync installed on your computer. Device discovery is performed via the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol, which allows seamless discovery and establishes functional network services for data backup and synchronization.
  • Increased upload and download speed. GoodSync uses block-level data transfer and works faster than Windows Shares, which makes sync and backup to/from Asustor NAS much faster. File transfer speed is also much faster, as there is no SMB overhead.
  • Intuitive GoodSync Explorer makes it easy to access data stored on your Asustor NAS from any location.
  • GoodSync synchronization and backup jobs can be set to run automatically in real-time mode, periodically, or on a set schedule.
  • Our proprietary GoodSync Connect file transfer protocol allows Asustor NAS users to synchronize, backup or access data on their Asustor NAS devices when they are remote.

Is support available?

Yes, we have support help center articles ready and you can ask any questions by opening a support ticket from the GoodSync App installed on your Windows or Mac by clicking on Help -> Contact Support.

Here are the links to the most frequently read help center articles:

Posted by Stanko Tomic

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