We’ve got news! The GoodSync for Windows you love and trust is back and better than ever with a fresh new feel. Continue reading to learn more about version 10 and its updated features.

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1. Updated interface

With an ever-changing digital world, we’re staying ahead of the game by providing the best visual experience for our users.

GoodSync 10 interface

2. Additional storage options

GoodSync 10 now supports even more cloud storage providers; all those found in version 9, plus OneDrive Office 365 and Amazon Cloud Drive. No matter your storage preference, GoodSync 10 has you covered.

3. End-to-end data encryption

Maximize your security and include encryption on the destination as well. AES with 256-bit key is used for encryption, with all file blocks chained. Random salt is applied, so different encryptions of the same file will produce different results. File size will increase by exactly 32 bytes.

4. Faster backups

Improved peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity with block level incremental data transfer allows you to enjoy even faster backups  – saving you time and increasing productivity. In our own internal testing, we saw increases in transfer speeds as high as 400%.

5. Improved organization for jobs

Users can now utilize a new grouping feature to complement the improved job status dashboard. We understand how crucial organization is when syncing countless, important files between your devices. That’s why we’ve made GoodSync 10 easier to use!

GoodSync 10 Job Group

6. GoodSync Control Center

Our GoodSync Control Center now offers centralized administration and reporting, eliminating the need for end user interaction. This streamlines the process, allowing a single administrator to handle all installations, back-ups, synchronizations, job assignments, reporting, and more.

GoodSync for Business Console screenshot

Download GoodSync 10 | Upgrade from GoodSync 9

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.


  1. Hi, On news of this (and I believe prior) version releases, I came to your site for one specific thing, details of “Whats new in Ver x?”, but had to wander around through various menu tabs, trying to find it. I eventually found the lonely little link at the bottom of one page, but it took perhaps 10 to 15 clicks and I almost gave up. I’m browsing via a smartphone, but that shouldnt matter.
    Surely on the grand announcement of a major release THE most important text on your entire site has to be the DETAILS of all the great new bells, whistles and gizmos, so I’ll go ‘click’ and upgrade there and then, because ‘tomorrow’ may never happen.
    Yes, the six line brief list of key features was prominent, but you know I’ve already read the exact brief list in the email announcement that brought me to your site, for what? More info!!!.
    Thats my 2c worth… Cheers!


    1. Hi Paul – Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We’ll certainly pass it along to our design/UX team for their review. In them meantime, we’re unsure whether this is the page you were referring to, but here are three links additional GoodSync 10 information:





  2. […] official release of GoodSync 10 for Mac has arrived. Similar to its Windows counterpart, the software features an updated interface, additional storage options, end-to-end data […]


  3. Please remove the automatic filters from the sidebar (or let us disable them). I want to group all the jobs myself. They are expanding automatically everytime I close them. So annoying when having much jobs.


    1. Hi Karm – If you can please submit a ticket and provide any relevant screen shots, a technical representative will gladly investigate the matter. Thank you. http://www.goodsync.com/support.


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